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Baby Carrier Infant Insert

Britax Carry Long System


The Infant Insert for the Britax Baby Carrier is a removable support that ensures a comfortable, natural sitting position and height for smaller babies. The Infant Insert should be used from eight to 14 pounds to help your child achieve the optimal seating position. Once your baby's ears reach the top of the baby carrier, the Infant Insert should be removed. For more information about positioning your child in the Britax Baby Carrier, visit our Baby Carrying Positions page.


The Infant Insert is located in the lower portion of the carrier, as indicated in the image to the right. The Britax Baby Carrier comes shipped with the removable Infant Insert already attached to the carrier.


The Infant Insert elevates your baby and provides a wider seating area by cradling their bottom and thighs, allowing them to splay their hips and legs when facing inward. This ensures that your smaller baby will be more comfortable and closer to you, while maintaining a natural sitting position.


The Removable Infant Insert easily attaches to the Britax Baby Carrier using integrated zippers and snaps creating a "hammock" that elevates your smaller baby.