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Click & Go System


Britax strollers and infant car seats were simply made to go together thanks to our exclusive Click & Go System.  All Britax infant car seats as well as the Britax bassinet are equipped with Click & Go connectors and all Britax strollers have Click & Go receivers.  By inserting the connectors into the receivers, you get a quick and secure attachment to make up the Click & Go System.



As the saying goes, never wake a sleeping baby and thanks to the Click & Go you can easily transfer your infant car seat from your vehicle to your stroller all while your little one continues to snooze.  The “click” let’s you know it’s secure so you can get on your way without worry.

In select strollers, the Click & Go System offers amazing versatility by allowing you to change the stroller seat direction, attach a bassinet, or attach an infant car seat.


The Click & Go System brings amazing versatility to Britax single strollers.  Designed as a lightweight quick-fold stroller, the 2016 B-Agile 3 can also be an on-the-go travel system. The Click & Go receivers allow you to connect any Britax infant car seat without having to purchase additional adapters.

The Click & Go System is integrated into the design of all Britax infant car seats.  With integrated Click & Go connectors, our infant car seats can attach to Britax single strollers right out of the box.