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ISOFLEX LATCH Connection System

Britax Carry Long System


The Britax ISOFLEX LATCH Connection System refers to the push-button lower connectors that allow you to secure the booster seat to the vehicle using the LATCH system.


The ISOFLEX LATCH Connectors are located in the back of the booster seat.


The Britax ISOFLEX LATCH Connection System provides additional safety for your whole family. Two simple clicks and a pull secure the booster to your vehicle, preventing it from becoming a projectile when not in use.


To use the ISOFLEX LATCH Connection System, first remove the lower connectors from the storage slots on the back of the seat. Push the ISOFLEX adjuster release button on one side of the booster seat and pull to fully extend the lower connector strap. Repeat on the opposite side to ensure that all slack has been released from the ISOFLEX system strap. Next, attach the lower connectors to the lower anchors in your vehicle, and then pull the adjuster strap on either side of the seat to tighten and remove slack.


Click on the videos below for more information and details on ISOFLEX LATCH Connectors.