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Multiple Baby Carrying Positions

Britax Carry Long System


The Britax Baby Carrier is a soft-structured carrier designed and developed to offer you choices based on how you prefer to carry your child. The Britax Baby Carrier supports the following positions:

  • Inward-facing with Removable Infant Insert for small babies from eight to 14 pounds
  • Inward-facing without an insert for babies over 14 pounds
  • Inward-facing with splayed legs using the Seat Extender Insert for babies over 14 pounds
  • Outward-facing without an insert for babies over 14 pounds who have head and neck control


The Infant Insert and Seat Extender Insert provide you with the option of a wider inward-facing seating position throughout the entire use of the carrier. Both inserts are removable supports that cradle your baby's bottom and thighs, allowing them to splay their hips and legs when facing inward, supporting a wide, spread squatting position for your child and enhanced longer-wearing comfort for you through balanced weight distribution.


The Infant Insert, included with the carrier, ensures a comfortable, natural sitting position and height for smaller babies. It should be used in the inward-facing position for children who weigh from eight to 14 pounds, if they sit too low in the carrier. Once your baby's ears reach the top of the carrier, the Infant Insert should be removed.

The Seat Extender Insert is an accessory (available separately) that can be used with the Britax Baby Carrier for babies over 14 pounds who no longer require use of the removable Infant Insert. The Seat Extender Insert should be used in the inward-facing position to provide a wider seating area for your child. The Seat Extender Insert can be quickly and easily attached to the carrier by simply sliding the two large loops of the insert through the waist belt of the carrier and zipping the insert into the carrier. (See user guide for complete instructions.)