Product Recall / Safety Notice

FRONTIER Safety Recall for Restraints: 12/2008


Frontier Safety Recall for Restraints Manufactured Between 4/1/2008 and 9/14/2008 and 4/1/2008 and 9/17/2008

Affected Products


  • The following Consumer Advisories and/or Safety Recalls have been issued for select Frontier car seats:

    The following model numbers are affected:

    • E9L54E7
    • E9L54H6
    • E9L54H7
    • E9L54M6
    • E9L5490

    If your seat meets the requirements of this recall please contact consumer services at 888-427-4829.

    In order to be informed directly whether your product has been involved in a safety advisory or recall, be sure to register your product.

Is my product affected?