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Be Warm, Be Safe

B Warmer Infant Car Seat Cover, Half Open and Facing Left


It's recommended that kids be dressed in one more layer than adults on a given day. If you're wearing a shirt and winter jacket, your child should be wearing their shirt, a sweater and a jacket as well.

When it comes to layering, you should be following these basic principles: a wicking layer (worn next to the skin like long underwear or thermal tees), an insulating layer (like a sweater), and a weather protecting layer (the exterior layer that guards against the elements).


Accidents can happen when kids are tired from trudging through the snow or spending time in the cold. Encourage your little ones to come inside at least once an hour to warm up, fuel up, and change any wet clothing for dry ones to help keep them warmer.


Waterproof winter boots are a must through spring, but make sure they're the right fit. When trying them on, be sure your child has enough room at the end of their big toe and can wiggle their toes. This will make sure you can fit on an extra pair of socks if need be, and also provide some circulation inside the boot which helps to keep toes warmer. Boots that are too tight will not only be uncomfortable, but will also be dangerous.


Car seat manufacturers know that fluffy coats and snowsuits can be a liability, so they develop their own gear to help keep children cozy. What’s even better, is that this gear undergoes safety tests and meets all safety standards—just like the car seat itself. For example, Britax B-Warm Insulated Car Seat Cover provides a soft interior and weather-proof exterior to protect your baby from the elements. It has flip-up sides for easy access, and doesn't cover the all-important straps and back of the head.

Follow these simple tips and you'll be warm, safe and happy all winter long!

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