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4 Steps to a Cleaner Car Seat

Cereal, crackers and cheese are the trifecta of trash when it comes to car seats – but parents know anything that can be spilled, will be spilled! Follow these four simple steps to keep your car seat and backseat clean and ready for the road:


Set up a washing station. Grab a decent sized bucket and some mild soap. Make sure you find a spot with access to water that you don’t mind getting a bit wet, like a driveway or a laundry room.


Remove the car seat cover. Your user guide will have instructions on how to take it off and put it back on once clean. Hand wash the cover using cold water and a mild soap.


Remove the buckle and rinse with warm running water. Even though you may really want to, don't use any detergents, soaps or lubricants as they can interfere with the proper workings of the mechanism.


Lay the car seat cover and buckle on a flat surface to dry. Make sure everything is completely dry before putting it back on the seat.

There you have it! A fresh and clean car seat for your next road trip.

And if you’d like to proactively protect your backseat and minimize messes, try the Seat Saver Waterproof Liner from Britax. It is designed to contain liquid, crumbs and other spills and works with all Britax harnessed car seats.