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Homemade Parade

Never let it rain on your parade! Try these easy ideas to host your own parade any time you want.

March is Arts & Crafts Month, so what better way to celebrate than having your own homemade parade? From floats, to costumes, to music — making your own neighborhood parade couldn't be easier!

 Looking for something to celebrate? Well, there’s no wrong reason to have a parade: a friend's birthday, an obscure holiday (National Cupcake Day?), or simply 'cause it's Saturday! So invite some friends, get crafty and get ready to march to the beat of your own drummer.                       


A parade without a band is no parade at all, so make sure the little ones are ready to rock with these three simple to make instruments.



Step One: Decorate the exterior of an empty coffee can using construction paper, tissue paper, finger paints or any other colorful bits and bobs you might have laying around.

Step Two: Once dry, place a 16x16 square of fabric over the opening of the can and secure with an elastic band.

Step Three: Make sure the fabric is taut, and start bringing the noise!



Step One: Jazz up a paper towel roll using construction paper.

Step Two: Cover one end of the roll with a small piece of wax paper. Affix using an elastic band.

Step Three: Cut three holes in the other end of the roll about 1.5 inches apart, like a recorder or clarinet.

Step Four: Blow into the top to join in the revelry.


Noise Maker

Step One: Place two foil tart cups face up on the table. In one plate, place a quarter cup of dried beans.

Step Two: Place the empty cup on top of the one with beans. Attach the two cups using masking tape.

Step Three: Attach a popsicle stick to the outside of the cups, also using masking tape, to create a handle.

Step Four: Decorate the outside of the cups using tissue and construction paper, and the handle using finger paints.

Step Five: Once dry, shake it, shake it, shake it!



Get-up-and-go in style, and produce parade worthy results with a little tissue paper and a whole lotta creativity. Choose tricycles, bicycles and big wheels as the mode of transportation, and use tissue paper to make streamers for the handles.



Make the outfits match the mood! Start by making crowns from construction paper decorated with finger paints or crayons. Simply cut out the crown shape and then use a glue stick to affix the sides of the paper together. For a parade appropriate outfit, raid the costume trunk for princess dresses, cowboy duds and anything festive. And don't forget the cape (made from a towel, pillow case or shirt).


Once the parade elements are ready, head out with the gang and celebrate!