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Big Family, Big Fun!

Having a handful of kids over can sometimes feel like a handful. Here are three group activities that not only will help teach your brood basic tenets like responsibility and compassion, but will use their smarts and creativity while giving you a little breathing room back in your day.


Got a burgeoning filmmaker in your crew? Showcase their talents with a homegrown production. From acting, to set design, to direction, there's a way for everyone's talents to shine. It can be as simple as dressing up from the costume collection, playing house, or acting out the favorite parts of their day.


Match games are great for learning both colors and shapes, not to mention it's hours of fun. Use construction paper, glue and safety scissors to create the cards with shapes and colors, and help your little ones create their own portable game. Play at home, or take it on trips to family gathering where there are even more kids to play with.


Okay, so maybe this one requires a little prep time on your part, but a Treasure Hunt is a great way for them to work together as a team. Split your crew into two teams and have them compete to see how can get everything on the list first. Use "hot & cold" cues to help them get closer!