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Cleaning Tips for Road Trips

Keep your car seat and stroller fresh for holiday travel

Cleaning Tips for Road Trips

The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means many families are getting ready to embark on a road trip to visit loved ones. You may be starting to check things off your to-do list for your upcoming vacation, but one task parents often forget about is cleaning their child’s car seat and stroller.

Car Seats

1. Clean the Cover

The cover of your child’s car seat is bound to take the brunt of spills every once in a while. To get it nice and clean before holiday travel, first remove the cover from the car seat. Next, hand wash it with cold water and mild soap. Let the cover air dry to prevent shrinking. Do not machine wash or dry it. Bring an extra cloth with you on the road to combat minor accidents with cold water.

If you need help removing the cover, we have video instructions available on our website for most products.

2. Rinse the Buckle

To clean the buckle, remove it from the seat and rinse it with warm running water. Don't soak the buckle or use soap, household detergents, solvents or lubricants.

Test the buckle by fastening and unfastening each of the buckle tongues for both sides until you hear a click after inserting each one. If you don't hear clicks for each buckle tongue you may need to repeat the cleaning process. (Note: If your seat was manufactured prior to February 2008, only one of the buckle tongues should click when fastening the harness). Dry the buckle with a towel and reattach it to the car seat.

Refer to the installation videos on our website for instructions on removing the cover and buckle, or watch the video below.


1. Vacuum the Seat

A handheld vacuum or a nozzle attachment for your household vacuum will suck up all the crumbs from your child’s stroller. The area where the back meets the bottom of the seat generally accumulates the most debris. If you want to maintain the cleanliness of the stroller during the trip, bring along the handheld vacuum for a quick cleanup.

2. Clean Fabrics

Use cold water and mild soap on a damp cloth to gently wash down the fabric seating area. With a dry towel, wipe away excess water and soap. Let the fabric air dry in a warm place before the trip. For cleaning on the go, bring an extra toothbrush to scrub any solid areas and a small cloth to take care of spills.

3. Freshen up the Frame

The metal and plastic components of your stroller will also need to be cleaned before all your holiday fun.

Inspect the parking brake to make sure it locks both wheels securely and is free from any debris like dirt, leaves and hair. Clean the metal frame and also check for any hidden debris.

Wipe the frame with a damp cloth and mild soap. Use a clean, dry cloth or towel to wipe away excess water and soap. Check any moving parts or car seat adapters to ensure they are working properly.

4. Wipe down the Wheels

Check the stroller wheels to make sure they are in great condition. If you’re using a stroller with air-filled tires, make sure they are properly inflated by checking the air pressure. You can remove the wheels from most strollers to clean any dirt or debris.

Before you pack up the car and embark on your holiday journey, make sure your child’s car seat and stroller are in perfect condition. Hopefully, our tips will help your road trip run smoothly so you can make the most of your family vacation. If you have any additional car seat or stroller cleaning tips, be sure to share them with us on Facebook!