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Keeping Kids Entertained During Summer Cookouts

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Memorial Day is just around the corner. In addition to remembering the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, the holiday is also a great opportunity to spend time with family and enjoy some fresh air. Chances are, you’ll be invited to some cookouts, or maybe even host one of your own. Here are a few suggestions for keeping children entertained during family cookouts and other gatherings this summer.

Dinner is Served

Let the kids be the servers for the day. Have your children go around and ask guests what they would like to eat. They will love being involved in the cookout and talking to all the people who attend. You can even get them to put together a little menu with food options for your guests to choose from.

Kids Only Zone

Block off an area in the backyard or on the porch with comfortable chairs and pillows for the children to lounge on. Fill the space with popcorn and other snacks, games, tablets and toys. The kids will feel like they’re hanging out in a designated area just for them, but they’ll be close enough to keep an eye on during the cookout.

Treasure Hunt

One of the most fun outdoor activities for kids is a scavenger hunt. Hide clues and prizes in different areas around the backyard. Have the children search for hints and hidden treasures all night.

Get Crafty

Start an arts-and-crafts station. Art is a great way to keep kids entertained and having fun during a cookout. Put together a box full of materials like pipe cleaners, old scraps, beads, glue, tape, construction paper, and anything else you can think of. Gather all the children together and see what kind of crafts they can come up with together.

Show Time!

At the beginning of the cookout, get the kids together and tell them it’s their job to put on a big show for everyone at the end of the night. Let them come up with different acts and talents. When all the guests are finishing up their meals, have the kids put on their show for everyone!

Fun for All

Some backyard games are suitable for kids and adults to play together. Put up a volleyball net, start a game of kickball or play flag football. Kids will love being active and feeling grown up.

Have any fun ideas to keep children entertained during cookouts or other gatherings this Memorial Day? We’d love to hear them! Share your favorite kid-friendly activities with us on Facebook.