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How to Clean a Car Seat

Children spend a lot of time in their car seat while your family is out and about, and just like anything kids touch it's bound to get dirty after a while! Between snack crumbs, juice spills, and other mysterious debris ("when was the last time we had candy canes?") your kid's car seat is a magnet for dirt. 

However, cleaning a car seat isn't just a great way to make your backseat look (and smell) better, it's also an important safety factor. Over time, dirt and grime can accumulate and prevent a seat from performing up to the highest standard. That's why we recommend that you clean the car seat cover and buckle periodically to keep them in their best shape.

The following cleaning instructions apply to all Britax car seats; if you have seats from another manufacturer, please refer to the user guide that came with the seat for cleaning instructions.

To Clean the Cover:

  1. Remove the cover from the car seat. The user guide contains instructions for both removing and replacing the cover. We also have video instructions available on our website for most products.
  2. Hand-wash the cover using cold water and mild soap. Don't use bleach or machine wash the cover.
  3. Lie flat or line dry to prevent the cover from shrinking. Don't machine dry or iron the cover.

To Clean the Buckle:

  1. Remove the buckle from the seat. The user guide contains instructions for removing and replacing the buckle. You can also refer to the installation videos on our website for instructions.
  2. Thoroughly rinse the buckle with warm running water. Don't soak the buckle or use soap, household detergents, solvents, or lubricants.
  3. Test the buckle by fastening and unfastening each of the buckle tongues for both sides until you hear a click after inserting each buckle tongue. If you don't hear clicks for each buckle tongue you may need to repeat the cleaning process. (Note: If your seat was manufactured prior to February 2008, only one of the buckle tongues should click when fastening the harness.)
  4. Dry the buckle with a towel and reattach it to the car seat.

Watch the video below for more details.

Replacement Parts

For those extra dirty messes when cleaning the seat just won’t cut it, we also offer replacement cover sets, buckles, harnesses, and other parts in our online store for many of our car seats. You can also order replacement parts by contacting our customer service department.

Minimize Messes with Britax Travel Accessories

To help minimize future clean ups, Britax offers accessories designed to protect both your car seat and your vehicle seat. The Seat Saver Waterproof Liner has deep sides and fits securely into the seating area of all Britax harnessed car seats to contain liquids and crumbs and prevent messes from reaching the car seat. The Britax Vehicle Seat Protector protects your vehicle seat from liquid and debris with raised ridges on all sides that contain spills. It also features a front seat guard that hangs over the edge of the vehicle seat to protect from muddy shoes.