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5 Fun Indoor Summer Activities

Check out these fun ideas for when it's too hot to play outside!

While it can be fun to bask in the summer sun, some days are just too hot to play outside. It’s important to keep safety in mind when planning your daily activities in the summertime. When the weather isn’t cooperating with your outdoor plans, try these indoor activities with your family.

Bake Homemade Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Britax Blog - 5 Indoor Summer Activities

Baking cookies together is fun, but during the summer months, turning homemade cookies into ice cream sandwiches is even better. It’s a great way to stay cool and enjoy a treat. One easy way to make them look great? Slice up a pint of ice cream to ensure all your sandwiches have even, circular fillings!

Get Creative with Cardboard Boxes

Britax Blog - 5 Indoor Summer Activities

How many times have you given your little one a present, only to find they are happier playing with the box it came in? The great thing about a cardboard box is that is can be anything you want it to be: a train, a house, a car, or a robot. Grab your favorite arts and crafts supplies, decorate your box and let your child’s imagination run wild!

Make Homemade Play Dough

Britax Blog - 5 Indoor Summer Activities

Make a fun modeling clay out of ingredients around the house like flour, salt, water and oil. Try this awesome recipe from PBS Parents. Then, spend the day kneading, squishing and molding all your favorite creations.

Build a Blanket Fort 

Britax Blog - 5 Indoor Summer Activities

Gather all the blankets, pillows, and sheets you can find, and spend your afternoon designing and building a fort. Chairs with tall backs, clothespins, strings and other items will take your fort to the next level! Your children will love hanging out in their indoor retreat when the day is just too hot to stay outside.

Get Messy with Finger Paints

Britax Blog - 5 Indoor Summer Activities

During the hot summer months, sometimes the best way to beat the heat is with a little bit of creativity! Grab your favorite non-toxic, washable finger paints and let your children use their fingers to create colorful masterpieces! Kids will love getting messy, and you’ll have one-of-a-kind artwork your fridge.

Do you have other ideas for when it’s too hot to spend the day outside? Don’t forget to share them with us! We’d love to hear all your favorite indoor activities on Facebook.