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Making Mom Connections

Share the Journey by Making Mom Friends

Britax Blog - Mom Connections

Being a mom is an incredible job, but it can be tough - especially if you try to go it alone! It helps to have friends who are also on the motherhood journey so you can share advice, tell stories, and have some fun together along the way. Having someone in your life who can relate to the ups and downs of motherhood can make a big difference. But making new friends as a busy parent isn’t always easy. Where do you begin? Read our tips on how to make meaningful mom connections!

Get Out of the House

As a mom, your day is often filled with naps and snacks at home, but in order to meet new people and make new friends, you need to find some time to get out of the house. Go for a stroll at the park or take your child to the playground. Sign up for mom classes or meet-up groups. Meeting other parents will not only help you gain new friendships, but will also allow your little one to start forming relationships with other children.

Be Outgoing

Throughout the day, we cross paths with many people, but how often do we reach out and try to make a new friend? Be the person who makes the first move when it comes to setting up plans or getting to know someone a little better. Chances are, the other mothers you meet during your outings would love to have a new mom connection too.

Plan a Playdate

A good way to start a new friendship with another parent is by getting the kids together for a playdate. This gives you the opportunity to spend time with your child while interacting with people in your age group at the same time. When you take the initiative and plan the first playdate, your new mom friend will feel comfortable reaching out for another get-together in the future. 

Plan a Night Out

Mom friends are nice to have because you can get your kids together, but it can be difficult to get to know someone when you’re focusing most of your attention on watching your child. Once you’ve been on a few playdates, plan a night out to relax and just be you. A girls night out can relieve some stress and give you the opportunity to be more than just a mom.

Have any tips on making friends as a mom? Or maybe you have a great story about how you and your best friend met as moms. We’d love to hear about it! Share your tips and stories with us on Facebook.