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Mobile Mom

From organizing photos of the kids to managing wayward receipts these 5 free, time-saving apps will have them wondering how you do it all.


Best For: Keeping on top of family life - from soccer practices to grocery lists - while policing your toddler at the playground.

What it Does: Allows you to manage household chaos with a shared family calendar, create shopping lists, weekly meals (it even provides meal ideas!), to-do lists and personal reminders (via text or email), and even craft a family journal.

What’s Cool: The shared calendar, which ensures that even grandparents know when the kids are free to book a visit.

Available For: iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows 8.1 (free).


Best for: Adding another dimension to photos by allowing you to record voices to accompany any image. (Think of it as a director giving a commentary on their movie).

What it does: Gives your pics—downloaded from your phone or computer—their own storyline. And because it’s cloud-based, your interactive album won’t sap your phone’s storage. 

What’s cool: You can scan, import photos, record hours of narration (it’s free!), and after you share the pic of Junior losing their front tooth, your family and friends can also put in their two cents’ worth of verbal chatter. You can even include additional sound effects.

Available for: iPhone, Android (free)


Best For: Minimizing the endless cards and receipts that live in your wallet.

What it Does: Uploads all your coupons, gift cards, membership cards and receipts to your phone using a PIN-protected app.

What’s Cool: Frees up space in your actual wallet, lightening your bag so you have room to stash important stuff, like baby clothes, kid snacks and diapers.

Available For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad ($0.99)


Best For: The DIYer who wants to be as handy with a wrench as she is playing tea party.

What it Does: Simplifies home improvement tasks by offering cleaning tips and articles on household fixes. It’ll also send reminders for completing chores and maintenance.

What’s Cool: Once you’ve listed your DIY, it sends customized tips based on your projects (like how long each chore should take, what household items you’ll need and level of difficulty), and get you closer to finally unclogging that showerhead.

Available for: iPhone, Android (free)


Best For: Planning family trips, or even some well-deserved, kid-free-time.

What it Does: Allows you to personalize a trip that best fits your family’s needs. With over 60,000 destinations and counting in its database, it suggests fun things to see, and where to eat and stay based on your interests.

What’s Cool: Its large number of Family Tribe members mean you’ll find top tips, reviews and travel ideas from like-minded families - so you’ll know if that chic corner café in Rome has kid-friendly food.

Available For: iPhone, Apple Watch, Android (free)