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On the Move!

Are we there yet?! No matter how many hours it is to granny's house, extended time in the car calls for these 5 stretches to keep the blood flowing and traveling fun.


Making funny faces and giving your vision a little respite is the perfect combo for kids young and old. Literally roll the eyes up, down and around, blinking all the while and get a fresh perspective.


A classic, this move gets the heart rate up, the blood flowing and the ya-yas out. If you need a refresher follow these steps: Jump with legs apart while raising your arms together above your head. Then jump with legs together and bring your arms back down to your sides.


Get up and moving by rotating your hips like you’re spinning a hula hoop. You can also bend over while standing and rotate the top half of your body. This stretch is really about getting your hips moving and loosening them up after all that sitting. At minimum try to rotate five times in both direction, repeating twice.


One of the easiest ways to get blood flowing back in those feet are ankle rolls. Whether sitting on a picnic table, or even in the car, simply rotate your ankle in a circle. Alternate ankles every 5 rotations, 4 times an ankle.


Even though you and your brood are not about to launch into a full fitness routine, doing some lunges helps muscles stay limber for when you reach your end destination. They also look amusing which is great for a belly laugh. Find a patch of grass at a rest stop, get everyone to stand in a line, and lunge walk, bending your front knee as low to the ground as you can. Twenty lunges and you'll be road ready once again.