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5 Fun Outdoor Summer Activities

Enjoy summer with these fun family activities!

Summer is the perfect time of year for fun with the whole family. Even though it can get pretty hot during these months, there are plenty of outdoor activities that will take your mind off the heat. Take a look at our list of summer ideas your children will love!

Make Your Own Putt-Putt Course

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Who says you have to leave the house to play putt-putt? Get creative and build your own course in the backyard. You can use materials you already have around the house. Plastic cups and food cans are perfect for creating holes, while books and containers can be used for obstacles and ramps. Get creative—the possibilities are endless! For some ideas, check out this great Boy's Life article.

Go Backyard Camping

Britax Blog - Outdoor Activities

When the sun goes down and it starts cooling off outside, it’s time to pitch a tent and get the s’mores ready. If you have children who are too little to sleep away from home for the night, creating a camping environment in the backyard is the perfect idea.

Blow Giant Bubbles

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Make your own giant bubbles using dishwashing soap and a large wire hanger. Put the soap in a kiddie pool or another large container so your giant homemade wand will easily fit into the solution.

Play Sidewalk Chalk Games

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Grab some colorful chalk to play tic-tac-toe and hopscotch, or just take turns outlining each other on the sidewalk. When your drawing board gets too full, just spray it down with water and start all over again.

Start a Lemonade Stand

Britax Blog - Outdoor Activities

Lemonade stands are perfect for children of all ages. Help your little ones make a few batches of lemonade. See if other kids in the neighborhood want to get involved for a day full of fun.

Do you and your family have a favorite outdoor summer activity? Share all your fun ideas with us on Facebook! Have a fun and safe summer.