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Playdate Perfection

Keep group playtime fresh with these five ideas for all ages.

Playdates are a great way for your little one to learn important social skills – while giving parents a chance to connect and relax. But how will you keep all those kiddos entertained? Try any of these five activities to keep your playdates fresh and fun!

   1 - Club Mom  

Pregnancy may seem a bit too early to start planning your playdates, but it’s an important time to make new friends who are also in the midst of growing a tiny human. Not only do they understand what you're going through, but in merely a few months’ time, they'll also be looking for like-minded parents to spend time with. Prenatal exercise classes are great places to meet soon-to-be moms, and seeing the same faces every week can lead to great friendships. Want to move your burgeoning friendship out of the gym? Try cooking classes or regular pedicures for a little pampering.

  2 - Baby Rave  

Dim the lights and pump up the jams! Prepare ahead of time by asking the kids for their favorite songs and throw a couple of yours into the playlist so you can boogie too (the more embarrassing the better!). It’s exercise and entertainment all in one – and perfect for cold or rainy days.

  3 - At the Car Wash  

On a sunny afternoon, lay out some sponges, towels and a few shallow buckets of soapy water. Let kids bring their toy cars or trucks to wash, or set out a pile of your own, and they'll be sparkling in no time. Pro tip: Use a kiddie pool or large storage tub to set up a dirt station so kids can dirty up their toys and then wash them as many times as they want.

  4 - Drive-In Movie  

Build “box cars” using cardboard boxes and paper plates for wheels. Decorate the cars as a group, park in front of the TV, put on a movie and sit back and enjoy the ride. This activity requires a bit more planning (you may need to explain exactly what a drive-in movie is!), but the pay-off is precious quiet time.

5 - Ice Age Dino Dig  

Uncover their inner archaeologist with this fun and easy outdoor activity. You’ll need at least a day to prep, but we’re sure your kids will “dig it”! Start by adding green food coloring to a large plastic container. Fill half way with water and add some toy dinosaurs. Freeze. Once that layer is frozen, repeat steps until the container is full. When it's completely frozen, remove from container, place outside (winter or summer), hand your kids some excavation tools (squirt bottles, toy hammers, old toothbrushes) and let the dig begin.