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Spring Staycation

Stick close to home this spring break with these family-fun ideas

There’s no need to go halfway around the world to have fun this spring break. You can create family adventures all while exploring your own hometown! Not only does forging your own path feel good, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the variety of activities you can find that are entertaining and educational right in your own backyard.


Take a City Tour

See your hometown through the eyes of a tourist. While many cities and towns boast certain historic sites and attractions, they’re usually not frequented by locals. This is the perfect time to hit the refresh button and book yourself and the family in for a tour. Taking a bus-led tour with a guide also means that you can leave the car at home and concentrate on the sites that make your city or town so great.


Explore Your Town

If you skip the bus tour, take to your adventure on foot. First, take a family poll and find out what places, parks or areas everyone wants to see. Set a loose agenda, pack some snacks and start your journey. But your tour doesn’t have to be all about sight-seeing. Plan some activities along the way: have kids bring pencils and paper so they can sketch what they see, or create a list of ‘tourist’ attractions, ticking them off the list when they’re found.


Geocaching Scavenger Hunts

Geocaching is a mini treasure hunt where you use a handheld GPS device (an Android or iPhone work, too) and GPS coordinates, to search and locate hidden geocaches—otherwise known as treasure boxes. Great for families of all ages, geocaching can be found in a variety of cities and towns. You can sign up for a free membership on, or pay a small fee for more adventurous scavenger hunts. Some geocaches can take you across interesting terrain, so check out the level of difficulty before you choose your hunt. It’s super fun for the kids because you never know what to expect!


Discover Someplace New

When you’re going about your regular 9-to-5 it can be a hassle to make your way to another part of town to visit that amazing park or neighborhood. Look at spring break as an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and trek to these must-see spots at your own leisure. You and the kids will enjoy the opportunity to experience a new culture, discover cool new stores, and play in new-to-you outdoor spaces.


Volunteer as a Family

There’s no better bonding experience than participating in something meaningful as a family. Volunteering at a local soup kitchen, church, or doing other charity work helps teach kids (and reminds parents) about compassion, caring and thoughtfulness. Helping others is a great way to ensure that even though there is no school, the world is filled with learning opportunities. Introducing them to experiences, meeting people and making new connections expands children’s horizons and will lead to a new appreciation of what they have.


Whether you’re seeing your own hometown from a new perspective, exploring for hidden treasure, or helping those less-fortunate you don’t have to travel to experience a whole new world!