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Staying Safe in the Sun

Have fun in the sun while staying safe this summer

Britax Blog - Sun Safety

Summer is in full swing, and that means families are enjoying the great outdoors. And while everyone loves to have fun in the sun, but dehydration, sunburn and heat stroke are no laughing matter. You don’t have to completely avoid the heat of the summer to stay safe during these hot months. Read our tips to make sure your family stays happy and healthy during this time of year.

Preventing Dehydration

  • Wear light-colored clothing: Dark colors attract the sun, so it’s best to wear and dress your children in lighter colors. A nice, breezy white outfit is not only stylish, but can help keep kids cool!

  • Drink plenty of water: A cool drink of water on a hot summer day isn’t just refreshing: it’s necessary! Keep a cooler close by and be sure to stay hydrated during summer activities. Soda might taste delicious, but it doesn’t help prevent dehydration very well. Want a sweet treat? Fruit is also high in water content, so keep the watermelon and strawberries at hand.  

  • Wear a hat: If you can’t find any shade, make your own! In the summer, keeping body temperature down is key to staying healthy. Let your child pick out a hat that fits their style- the sillier the better! Any type of hat will do, but try a wide-brimmed sun hat for the most shade.

Preventing Sunburn

  • Use sunscreen: While catching some rays (and getting vitamin D!) is the best part of summer activities, getting sunburnt is no fun! Make sure to use sunscreen that is correct SPF and generously apply to any exposed skin on your child and yourself throughout the day. Sunscreen works best when applied and let to dry before going out in the sun.

  • Avoid the sun during peak hours: The sun is generally brightest around the middle of the day, with peak hours between 10am and 2pm. If you’re concerned about sunburn, try planning activities before and after this timeframe. You’ll keep cool, and maybe avoid some crowds!

  • Stay covered: While you may not think you’ll want to wear more clothing during a hot summer day, covering up with lightweight clothing is one of the best way to prevent sunburn. There are many types of lightweight clothing options that help keep kids cool while keeping covered up.

  • Stay in the shade: You and your family can have it made in the shade by enjoying the outdoors without being directly in the sun. When the sun is just too much, find a nice shady spot to relax.

Preventing Heat Stroke

  • Wear lightweight clothing: Find breathable, lightweight clothes that are comfortable for both you and your child. Heavy clothes like thick cotton shirts can weigh you down and make you hotter.

  • Drink more fluids: While water is the best thing for your kids to drink in the sun, you can also try something fun like freezing fruit and sparkling water for a healthy version of popsicles.

  • Check medications: Some medications can increase the likelihood of heat stroke, so be sure to check the side effects and warnings of any medicines you or your family members take.

  • Recognize warning signs: It’s important to know the signs of heat stroke so you can seek immediate help. If you or a family member feel confused, dizzy or nauseous after being in the sun, see a medical professional right away.

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