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Travel Kits for Kids

Keep kids happy and healthy while on the go with these handy travel kits

Traveling with young children is a wonderful way to build family memories that last a lifetime, but it can also be hectic. You never know when an unexpected situation will arise. There are certain necessities that make everyday life on-the-go run more smoothly for the whole family. We’ve put together some helpful tips on what items to keep in your car for your infant or toddler.

Infants & Babies:

  • First aid kit: First aid kits for infants should include:

Calamine lotion
Rubbing alcohol swabs
Antibiotic ointment
Child-safe sunscreen
Saline nose drops
Infant thermometer
Baby aspirin (as recommended by doctor)

  • Extra bottles/formula: Even if you already take several bottles with you wherever you go, a backup is always a smart idea.
  • Extra diapers: Better safe than sorry!
  • Baby blanket: You never know when your baby will need to bundle up. Always have a blanket in the car for these times.
  • Car seat pillow: A pillow can help your baby relax during your travels.
  • Change of baby clothes: For all those surprise messes that come along with having a baby on board, it’s best to bring a change of clothes.
  • Baby-friendly music: For many babies, a special tune can calm them down in an instant—and maybe even help them fall asleep.
  • Window shades: It’s important to make sure your baby is protected from the harsh rays of the sun and the heat of the car.
  • Baby hat: Baby hats are always a great thing to keep close at hand, for when the sun comes out unexpectedly.
  • Wipes: Carry extra wipes in your vehicle at all times. With all the messes babies can make, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Plastic bags: You never know when you’ll need a bio-hazard bag for a baby blowout!
  • Batteries: It’s a good idea to have a backup battery stash for infant toys.

Toddlers & Older Children:

  • First aid kit: First aid kits for toddlers should include:

Pain relievers (as recommended by doctor)
Adhesive bandages
Antibiotic ointment
Antibacterial cream
Saline spray
Gauze pads and adhesive tape

  • Books: Books can go a long way to keep a toddler occupied or help them when they’re first trying to read.
  • Colored pencils and pad: When your child starts getting restless, sometimes they just need to get their energy out by getting creative.
  • Sunglasses: If their sunglasses go missing on a summer day, you’ll be glad you have an extra pair.
  • Blanket: A cold chill can come out of nowhere. Pack extra blankets in case your little one gets cold while you’re out and about.
  • Bottled water: Staying hydrated is extremely important. You can never have enough backup bottles of water.
  • Garbage bags/Ziploc bags: Traveling with children is messy! Bring on the garage bags.
  • Extra diapers and wipes: You never know when an accident will occur. Bring extra wipes and diapers for all those messy moments in the car.
  • Change of clothes: If the first outfit gets dirty, you’ll want to have a change of clothes nearby.
  • Hand sanitizer: Kids get into everything. Hand sanitizer is definitely a necessity.
  • Extra batteries: Be sure all those toys and gadgets keep running, so your baby stays occupied and entertained.

Do you have any additional items you bring to keep your family safe and happy when you’re out and about? Share them with us on Facebook!