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5 Fun Family Valentines Day Activities

Check out these ideas your family will love to love this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a time to express your love for those around you who give their love to you. And while that romantic candlelit dinner with your sweetheart will be wonderful, there are also plenty of ways to involve your bundles of joy into the holiday fun!

Britax Car Seats - Valentine's Day Family Fun


You’re never too old to make a good old fashioned construction paper heart for Valentine’s Day! Encourage your little ones to think about all the people in their life that they love and appreciate and make a card for each – mom, dad, sisters, brothers, teachers, coaches and even the dog! If you’re feeling especially creative, take turns writing personalized poems to make each card extra special.


There’s never a wrong time to bake cookies! Have your little ones help you knead the dough and cut out fun shapes with their favorite cookie cutter. Heart shaped cookies are a great starting point, but there’s also cupids, flowers, and ones that spell out the word “love”. Don’t forget to decorate them with delicious pink and red frosting!


Go treasure hunting by hiding little paper hearts all around the house and see who can find the most. Or create a great puzzle for older kids by including a clue to the next heart’s location on each one. The winner can win a prize of your choice – which may or may not be the biggest cookie in the house!


Candy hearts make the perfect game pieces! Play Tic Tac Toe using different colored hearts, or challenge your budding architect to stack as many on top of each other as possible. Get your own heart racing by doing a candy heart relay: using only a spoon, move as many candy hearts from one cup to another. 


Britax Valentine's Day Arts and Crafts Ideas BlogThere are hundreds of great arts and crafts projects you can do for Valentine’s Day! Try chaining together paper hearts, or making a tree from upside down hearts. One creative idea is to recycle broken crayons into a Tie Dyed Heart Crayon: put crayon pieces into a silicone heart-shaped mold. Then, place in a 250 degree oven until the crayons melt. Let them cool overnight and voila! Your very own personalized heart-shaped crayons!

There’s no wrong way to show your love this Valentine’s Day, so let us know what your favorite Valentine’s Day traditions and family activities are on our Facebook page or on Twitter.