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Wheels Up

Finding a stroller that's right for your new family can seem daunting, but with these simple considerations, you'll be on the move in no time.


With a new baby comes new responsibilities, and loads of gear. And while an infant car seat is non-negotiable, many new moms and dads struggle with the question of what type and how many strollers to buy. Do they need one for the car, one for home, even one for Grandma’s? Here’s what you should consider when deciding if you’re a one, or two stroller family.



Think about how and where you’ll be spending time with your little one. Do you plan on walking to neighborhood shops? Then you’ll want something light and maneuverable. Taking long walks in the park or over uneven terrain? Larger wheels make for a smoother ride. Buying groceries on the run? A large stroller basket helps. Lots of car trips to grandma’s? A stroller that’s easy to carry, open and collapse will be ideal. How you live your life with baby will determine what features you’ll need when looking for a stroller.



For those who want to run with Junior, a jogging stroller may be a better choice. These strollers are designed to reduce jarring shocks and provide a smoother (and safer) ride for babies. Some additional features could be rear-wheel suspension, adjustable tracking, a deceleration brake, even auto-stopping.

TIP: Running with a baby that is younger than 8 months, in a jogging stroller, is strongly discouraged. And you should never run with your baby in an infant car seat attached to a stroller (travel system).



For many, this will be the main reason for considering two strollers. You'll be looking for something lightweight that can do the job of your everyday stroller, but is more manageable on the go. But...  you may just find one stroller that suits all of your needs.



We recommend you do your own research and test-drive a few strollers before making a decision, but there are a few standard-size strollers that can work for travel. The Britax B-Agile 3 is lightweight, offers great maneuverability, folds easily with one hand, and is compatible with Britax infant car seats (babies under 6 months), all without sacrificing those extra features.