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Winter Activities for the Whole Family

Get everyone bundled up, go outside and embrace the season.

Wintry weather provides the perfect excuse for you and the kids to curl up on the couch with a good book — or tablet — but it’s also an opportunity for excellent outdoor entertainment. Get everyone bundled up and outside with these family-fun activities and embrace the season. 

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We’re not saying the traditional snowman isn’t a good time, but if the kids have already made a few, you may need to have something else in your arsenal of fun to encourage them to head out on a snowy day. Here are some easy activities to try:

- Make a snow caterpillar or snow robot

- Build a snow castle using sand buckets, loaf pans, and cut-up milk boxes

- Blow bubbles and have them freeze on the wand for cool ice sculptures (make sure the temps are below freezing).

- Nurture their inner Pollack by filling spray bottles with food coloring so they can make pictures in the snow.

- Plan a treasure hunt. Bury old plastic toys in the snow and have the kids search for them.

KEEP SAFE:  It's easy to stay out in the cold when you're having fun! Be sure to wear the right gear — gloves, scarf, hat, warm socks and weather-appropriate boots. And watch for the first signs of frostbite, which include aching pain or numbness, usually in the fingers, ears and toes.


What could be better on a cold winter night than a good ‘ole fashioned campfire?! Snuggle up by the fire and serve up a cup of chili, hot chocolate, ‘smores and even some scary stories.

KEEP SAFE: Make sure your fire pit isn’t under low-hanging branches or brush, which can easily catch fire. And, be sure to leave an 8-to-10 foot radius clear of anything, including tents, chairs and food.


In a winter wonderland critters and birds are easier to spot. Make a list of animals to find, ticking them off once they’ve been spotted. Add in some learning by reading out fun facts about each animal once they’ve been found.

 KEEP SAFE: Don’t forget to wear sunscreen in the winter. Although it’s cold, the sun’s rays can still burn exposed and unprotected skin.


Choose a sled that’s easy for your child to handle. Toddlers should ride with a parent, and kids sledding solo should wear a helmet in case of falls or collisions. Avoid icy hills—these could cause loss of control—as well as steep hills, and there should always be a section where sleds can slow down and level out.

KEEP SAFE: Be up to date on the weather forecast. You’ll need to be aware if that pretty, falling snow becomes a blizzard.


Check your local rink times. Some rinks even provide special skating aids that help the kiddies stay upright. And, while hand-me-down skates are great, if they’re too big for your little one, they could cause falls, blisters and other discomfort.

KEEP SAFE: Choose an established outdoor or indoor skating rink over the nearest frozen pond unless the local police, or parks and rec center, have already deemed it safe.

These cool activities will help you and your family get out of the house and having fun in the sun this winter.