Britax Checking Station

Did you know that nearly 60% of car seats are installed incorrectly, or not used properly? Attend one of our upcoming car seat checks to be extra confident you're using the right car seat for your child, as well as installing and using it correctly each and every time.

What is a car seat check?

At a car seat check, you will meet with one of our a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST), who will assist you with your car seat installation. The CPST will help show you the correct way to install and use your car seat, provide safety recommendations, and answer any questions that you may have.

To ensure our CPST is prepared when you arrive for your appointment, you will need to provide your child’s age, weight, height, the make and model of your car seat, and whether your child rides rear-facing or forward-facing.

What do I need to bring to a car seat checking station?

For best results, please bring:

  • Your child
  • Your vehicle and vehicle owner's manual
  • Your car seat(s) and all parts, accessories, and instructions
  • A second adult, if available, to assist with watching your child while you learn how to install your car seat

Please note: Bringing your little one allows us to show you how to properly harness your child. However, we can still offer guidance if your child is unable to attend the event.

Do I need to own a Britax seat to come to the Britax Checking Station?

No, we welcome all makes and model car seats.

How long will it take?

Please allow for 30 minutes of instruction time per child safety seat.

Where is the Britax Checking Station?

The official Britax Checking Station is located at the Britax Americas headquarters in Fort Mill, S.C., however we sponsor additional checking stations throughout the local area. See locations below.

If you don't live in the greater Charlotte, NC or Fort Mill, SC area, visit to locate a checking station near you.

When will Britax be conducting car seat checks?

With more families heading back out on the roads this summer, now’s the time to check your child's car seat. For the schedule of in-person car seat check events, please visit: