At Britax, we are committed to improving child safety through research, testing, design and community advocacy.

We engineer all our products to meet U.S. and Canadian Standards and make significant investments in advanced technology, research and development.

Our Proudest Safety Innovations

ClickTight Installation

Our revolutionary installation system, ClickTight lets you install your car seat using just a seat belt. Plus, it gives you quick access to the belt paths, eliminating the guesswork and limits of LATCH.

SafeCell Technology

The car seat base forms a crumple zone that absorbs crash energy to help keep it away from your baby.

Energy Absorbing Foam​

Britax car seats include an energy-absorbing shell and the foam-lined headrest and side padding surround the head, neck and torso for full-body protection.


Designed with two attachment points to secure the seat and minimize side-to-side movement. It has rows of stitching that give-way one at a time during a crash to help slow forward movement.

Testing Standards

Regulatory Agency Standards

At Britax, our products are required to meet applicable regulatory standards, such as:

(Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Child Restraint Systems)

(Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Flammability of Interior Materials)

(Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)

16CFR 1225 – Part 1225
(Safety Standards for Handheld Infant Carriers)

16CFR 1225 – Part 1227
(CPSC Safety Standards for Carriages and Strollers)

Development Tools & Tests


Britax requires its suppliers to eliminate certain chemical flame retardants containing bromine, chlorine or other halogens, in components used in car seats and all other products when possible — while still ensuring their ability to pass federal government standards for flammability.

A report from the Ecology, the Ecology Center (, tested the chemical composition of leading car seats to discover the presence of harmful chemicals. Britax was rated positively as a car seat brand offering FR-free products.

Testing for Durability

Component Testing

At Britax we realize the importance of each component of the seat and how they contribute to the protection that the seat provides for your child. In order to ensure that each component maintains its structural integrity throughout the life of your child seat we invest in testing individual components on each product. Tests conducted may include:

• Static buckle and harness testing
• Micro slip testing
• Harness webbing strength testing
• Buckle durability cycling
• LATCH hook strength
• Pendulum testing
• Vibration testing
• Environmental testing – testing components in extreme • environmental conditions including heat, cold and varying humidity levels