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Our quick-adjust, no-rethread harness allows you to easily move the harness height upward for a comfortable and secure fit as your child grows.


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On most Britax products, you can find the quick-adjust harness height adjuster on the front of the seat at the top of the head rest. On some older models, the adjuster may be located on the back of the seat.


A quick-adjust, no-rethread harness allows for a more accurate harness fit for your child.
In order to adjust the harness height with a standard harness system, you have to detach the straps from the back of the seat, rethread the straps through a new slot in the car seat shell, and then reattach them. Not only does this manual adjustment leave room for error, but it also requires you to uninstall the seat from your vehicle before you can make adjustments.


To adjust the harness height on a car seat featuring our no-rethread, quick-adjust harness, simply squeeze the harness height adjuster and slide up or down to the desired position.

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