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SecureGuard Clip

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SecureGuard Clip

The SecureGuard Clip is an easy-to-use Britax exclusive feature that ensures the vehicle seat belt is properly positioned on your child’s hips, minimizing the risk of abdominal injury during a crash.


The SecureGuard Clip slides over the lap belt portion of a vehicle lap-shoulder seat belt to keep the lap belt in place low across your child's hips/upper thighs. The prevents your child from sliding under the belt (submarining) during a crash or the belt riding up into your child's abdomen.


The purpose of a belt-positioning booster seat is to lift or position your child so that the vehicle seat belt fits across the strongest parts of your child's body. A study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that "the lap belt should fit flat across a child's upper thighs, not across the soft abdomen, which is more likely to be injured in a crash than bony structures like the pelvis." In the event of a collision, a lap belt that is improperly positioned across your child's abdomen can cause serious injuries, including injuries to internal organs, that can't always be diagnosed immediately and can be life-threatening. Even in cases where the lap belt is initially positioned correctly across your child's hips/upper thighs, it is possible that the forces associated with a collision may cause your child to slide downward under the belt, resulting in the same risk of abdominal injuries.

The SecureGuard clip ensures that the lap portion of a lap-shoulder vehicle seat belt is properly positioned across your child's hips/upper thighs, both during normal use and in the event of a collision.


To use the SecureGuard Clip, simply route the lap belt portion of the vehicle seat belt through the clip after buckling in your child. The lap belt should rest low on your child’s upper thighs.

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