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Is a Travel System Right for You?

Cool Flow Stroller and Car Seat side by side

Travel systems help you move from car seat to stroller—and back again—without waking up your baby. They typically come with a stroller, infant car seat, and car seat base - all in one box.

If you’re considering a travel system, but don’t know where to start, this guide is for you.

Benefits of a Travel System

Convenient: When you buy a travel system, your infant car seat will click in and out of its base in the vehicle, and the in and out of the stroller for smooth traveling. Plus, you can purchase an extra base for a second parent’s vehicle—or for grandma and grandpa’s car!

Comfortable for baby:
Because your infant car seat clicks into the base and the stroller, your little one stays comfy and undisturbed in the carrier, no matter where you go.

Fewer purchases to make:
Buying a travel system checks off two major purchases, leaving you with fewer decisions to make during an already stressful time.

Stroller-car seat coordination:
The car seat and stroller are designed to look great together—adding style to your strolls.

What to Consider

While travel systems can make life easier, they might not be the ideal choice for your family. Before purchasing a travel system, consider:

Storage space:
You'll need to be sure you have enough trunk and storage space to accommodate the size of the stroller and car seat as one system. On the other hand, strollers give you more space for baby gear and personal belongings while you're on the go.

These strollers can also weigh more. It’s a good idea to go in-store and test out the travel system you’re interested in before buying. Some parents find that they'd rather carry a baby in a backpack carrier or sling than in a stroller or infant car seat.

Car seat longevity:
Travel systems only work with infant car seats, which your child will outgrow within 1-2 years. However, you will be able to use the stroller without a car seat for years to come.

How to Choose the Right Travel System

Car seat safety comes first: When buying a travel system, choose the infant car seat first. While strollers add convenience, the car seat will keep your new baby safe while you’re on-the-go.

Key things to consider:

  • Can I install it correctly?
  • Is it easy to use every day?
  • Is it easy to keep clean?
  • Will it be comfortable for my baby?

Choose the stroller next: Travel system strollers come in all shapes and sizes. The best stroller for your family is the one that suits your lifestyle.

  • Jogging stroller: Athlete, runner or outdoor enthusiast? A jogging stroller could be just what you're looking for.
  • Compact stroller: If you live in the city, rely on public transit, or love to travel, you might consider a lightweight/compact stroller.
  • Double stroller: If you're expecting twins, or have kids who are close in age, a double stroller is the way to go.

Consider separate products: If you can't find a ready-made travel system with a car seat and stroller you love, you can create your own with separate car seats and strollers. Many companies make car seat adapters for strollers, so it's usually easy to pair two different products, even from different brands.

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