Stroller Safety

Mom pushing B-Lively Cool Flow stroller with child riding happily

At Britax, safety is in our DNA. Although we are known as the leader in safety technology for car seats, we put the same care and craftsmanship into our strollers as well.

Stroller safety is an important consideration for keeping your family safe while out and about. With these few simple safety steps, you can have peace of mind while you and your family go on all of life’s adventures.

Stay Alert

It may sound obvious, but the most important safety step is keeping a watchful eye on your little one while they’re in the stroller. Never leave your child unattended in a stroller, especially when they’re sleeping.

Read the Instructions

Who needs instructions, right? Well, as with most things in life, the more you learn the safer you and your children will be. Be sure to read all of the instructions and labels on the stroller to ensure you know how to properly use and store it.

Secure Your Child

Some are not aware that strollers should always have a 5-point harness, which should be used every time your child rides in it. Just because your little one isn’t in a car seat, doesn’t mean you don’t have to buckle them in for safety.

For strollers that accommodate infants from birth, we suggest parents use the Britax Head and Body Support Pillow combined with the shortest harness system option.

Prevent Tipping

Though it may be tempting after a long day of shopping, it is not advised to ever hang bags or other items from the handles of your stroller. Items hanging from the handlebar can affect the weight distribution of the stroller, which can make it tip backward.

Place items in the storage compartment underneath the stroller. Or, consider getting a handlebar stroller organizer. Stroller organizers are specially designed to be compatible with your stroller, so you’ll have plenty of room for your personal belongings.

Use the Brake

Remember to always engage the brakes when the stroller is not moving. You wouldn’t leave your car in drive while in a parking lot, so be sure to put your stroller in “park” too.

Keep it Clean

Make sure that your stroller is cleaned regularly for optimum performance. Not only does a clean stroller look and feel great, it’s also safer. While cleaning be sure to inspect moving parts like wheels and brakes to ensure no debris interferes with operation. (Visit our blog for more stroller cleaning tips.)

Proper Folding and Storage

Always make sure to fold and store your stroller according to the instructions in the user manual. To prevent damage to plastic parts, store away from extreme heat. If there are any detachable components, like stroller organizers, snack trays or Britax Click & Go adapters, make sure to remove these before folding and storing the stroller.

Register Your Product

Any time you buy baby gear, be sure to register it with the manufacturer so they can contact you if there is a safety issue. Hopefully you’ll never have an issue, but by registering you’ll receive key safety communications (and nothing else – like marketing messages) so you can be best informed about the safety of your family. Don’t wait for your Facebook friends to tell you – hear news directly from the source!

Be sure to follow all these safety tips to keep your child safe and sound.

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