November 12, 2014 - IIHS Rates All Britax Booster Seats as ‘BEST BET’ in Category

Nov 12, 2014

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Every Britax Harness-2-Booster seat earned a "BEST BET" today, the top rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). IIHS reviewed and rated three Britax seats — the Pinnacle™ ClickTight, Frontier™ ClickTight and Pioneer™ combination Harness-2-Booster seats— along with 41 other new for 2014 seats from various other manufacturers. In 2013, IIHS rated Britax's two new belt-positioning booster seats, Parkway™ SG and Parkway™ SGL with a "BEST BET."

IIHS evaluates how likely booster seats, from a variety of manufacturers, fit adult safety belts from a wide variety of vehicles. IIHS does this by measuring how a vehicle's three-point lap and shoulder belt fits an average child-sized dummy seated in a booster.

"At Britax, we believe it's our responsibility to ensure children are always protected, no matter where life takes them," said Jon Chamberlain, president of Britax. "We're proud to work closely with industry experts to push the boundaries of smart design and new technology. We constantly update our products and ensure Britax car seats can be properly installed and used correctly each and every time."

The three Britax Harness-2-Booster seats that IIHS reviewed each offer a wide range of options for parents and caregivers to follow their child's growth.

Harness-2-Booster Seats Simplify the Transition

Britax's line of infant, convertible and combination Harness-2-Booster car seats are among the highest rated in the industry.

Within the Harness-2-Booster options, the Britax Frontier ClickTight and Pinnacle ClickTight both feature the ClickTight Installation System. With a few easy steps, parents can achieve a secure and easy install with the vehicle seat belt each and every time. In addition, both seats offer an Impact Absorbing Harness to provide resistance to forward movement in the event of a crash.

The Pioneer is a premium seat that offers unrivaled safety, comfort and convenience for children graduating from a convertible car seat. Like the Frontier ClickTight and Pinnacle ClickTight, the Pioneer includes a SafeCell Impact Absorbing Base, designed to keep children safe and secure in a crash by compressing and significantly lowering the center of gravity, reducing forward movement of the car seat.

All three seats offer Complete Side Impact Protection, featuring deep side walls and a head restraint with energy-absorbing EPP foam. The Pinnacle's superior protection goes above and beyond safety standards with Complete Side Impact Protection MAX. This technology features energy-absorbing cushions on the exterior of the seat to reduce crash energy by diverting crash forces before they reach the child while also providing extra protection for adjacent passengers.

IIHS rated the Britax Harness-2-Booster seats as "BEST BETs," along with Britax's belt-positioning booster seats, because in almost any car, minivan or SUV, they correctly position lap and shoulder belts on typical 4-to-8-year-olds.

Belt-Positioning Booster Seats Keep Older Children Safe

Britax's easily-portable, belt-positioning booster seats, the Parkway SG and the Parkway SGL, feature several head-safety features similar to the Harness-2-Booster seat options including SafeCell Impact Absorbing Bases and deeper side walls featuring Complete Side Impact Protection.

In addition, both seats feature SecureGuard, which works with the vehicle safety belt to prevent the child from sliding under the lap-belt portion of the safety belt during impact.

The Parkway SGL features the exclusive ISOFLEX Flexible Lower LATCH Connection System that secures the booster seat to the vehicle in seconds from either side of the seat with two clicks and a pull. ISOFLEX prevents the booster seat from becoming a projectile when not in use and stabilizes it during a crash.

Britax encourages parents to call representatives at its Consumer Services department at 1-888-427-4829 or visit a local car seat checking station with any questions regarding the fit or installation of any child car seat at any time.