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Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Britax trick or treat safety

Many families will be heading out to go door to door for candy with their kids at the end of the month. While trick or treating is a fun Halloween tradition, it’s important to abide by some ground rules to ensure safety.

Stay on the Sidewalk

You will often see crowds of families walking through the streets on Halloween night, especially in neighborhoods. While it may seem safe, it’s better to stay on the sidewalk with your kids. You don’t want to risk the chance of being overlooked by a driver.

Go in Groups

Plan a group outing for Halloween this year. There’s always safety in numbers, so gather as many friends and family members as you can and go trick or treating together. It’s always safer when you have more people to look out for cars and keep an eye on little ones. Plus, the more the merrier!

Go Out Before Dark

There is plenty of time in the early evening to trick or treat before the sun goes down. Take the kids before it gets dark, and then have a gathering at someone’s house if you don’t want the fun to end. A family-friendly Halloween party is the perfect way to end the night on a safe note.

Be Attentive

It’s easy to assume drivers will be paying attention and looking out for trick or treaters on Halloween night. But it’s best to be extra cautious and attentive while you’re out with the kids. Put away the phones and electronics while you’re out and about just to be safe.

Avoid Obstructions to Vision

Dressing up is a lot of fun, and there are endless opportunities for costumes. But try to avoid bulky masks that may obstruct your vision or your child’s vision. It’s important to maintain a full line of sight while you’re walking around at night.

For those of you who are picking out costumes and getting ready for a fun-filled evening of trick or treating with the family, always remember to put safety first. Reach out to us on Facebook with any other guidelines you and your kids follow to ensure a safe Halloween.

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