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Summer Travel Safety Tips

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Embracing the sun-drenched days of summer often means more time on the road, exploring new destinations or revisiting cherished ones with your family. Britax is here to help ensure that your summer adventures are not only memorable but also safe. Here are some essential summer travel safety tips to help keep your family protected and comfortable, whether you're embarking on a long journey or enjoying the sights and sounds of your local area.

Car Seat Safety

  • Car Seat Check: Before you start your trip, take some time to review your child's car seat installation. Be sure to go over the installation instructions, height and weight requirements, and safety checks provided in your use guide. Ensure that the fit is snug and the installation is secure to help keep your child both safe and comfortable. For peace of mind, consider attending a car seat check event or scheduling a consultation with a child passenger safety technician.

Stroller Maintenance

  • Stroller Check: Before packing up your stroller for your family vacation, ensure that it’s clean and that the brakes are working properly. If you’re heading to a destination like an amusement park, be sure to check stroller size requirements ahead of time. Choosing a stroller with a compact fold, like the Britax Brook+™ or Grove™, can help you save trunk space.

Vehicle Safety

  • Routine Car Checks: Vehicle breakdowns can quickly turn a fun family vacation into a sour outing. Before you hit the road, check to ensure that your car is ready for the extra miles. It’s a good idea to check your oil, tires, battery, and fluids before embarking on a long trip. Cleaning out your car and your child’s car seat before a road trip can also help ensure that everyone has a comfortable and relaxing ride.

Smart Packing for the Road

  • Secure Storage: One often-overlooked part of summer travel safety is keeping items secure and organized in the car. Road trips require all kinds of snacks, toys and entertainment gear - but remember, safety should be paramount. Secure all items to prevent them from becoming projectiles during unexpected stops or turns. Britax offers solutions like the View-N-Go Backseat Organizer to keep electronic devices safely in place while making them easy for your kids to access. This organizer also has pockets for road-trip must-haves like hand sanitizer, snacks, and small toys.

Hot Car Safety

  • Heat Awareness: Organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration highlights the danger of hot car incidents, which often occur when children are accidentally left unattended in vehicles or become trapped inside. These situations can escalate quickly with children's body temperatures rising much faster than adults. To help your family stay safe, always ensure that your children are accounted for when you exit the vehicle. Keep some kind of visual reminder in the front seat, like a stuffed animal or a note to help your remember to check the back seat each time you park.

Keeping Cool On the Go

  • Beat the Heat: Sunny forecasts are perfect for beach days, but they can make car journeys uncomfortably warm. Equip your vehicle with Britax's EZ-Cling Window Shades to shield your little ones from glare. It’s also a good idea to get your vehicle’s air conditioning system checked at the start of the summer, especially if it’s not cooling down your car as efficiently as it normally does. You may even be able to find a mechanic in your area who offers free AC checks.

Plan for Regular Breaks

  • Pit Stops: As you finalize your travel plans, anticipate the need for frequent stops to stretch, use restrooms, and let children burn off some energy. Regular breaks can significantly enhance everyone's mood and prevent the all-too-common backseat restlessness. Stretch breaks are also important to help you stay awake and alert as you drive.

Summer road trips are a fantastic opportunity for family bonding and adventure. By incorporating these safety and comfort-focused travel tips into your plans, you can help set the stage for a journey that's just as smooth as it is enjoyable. Britax is committed to accompanying your family every mile of the way, helping to ensure that your most previous cargo is always protected. Here's to a summer filled with safe travels, laughter, and lasting memories.

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