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Summer Safely Travel Tips

Family Enjoying Summer Vacation at the Lake

Volvo Car USA and Britax teamed up to share summer travel safety tips that can help protect your family on the road. Take a moment to watch the video and read the tips below for helpful steps you can take to better protect your family on long trips and around town.

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Ready to hit the road? According to BSM Media, two in three moms (63%) say they have a trip planned before the summer ends. Remember these quick tips to help keep your family safe and happy on all your travels.

Check Your Child's Car Seat
Before you leave, double-check your child's car seat fit, and be sure it's installed correctly.
For extra confidence, attend a car seat check in your area, or sign up for a virtual seat check with Britax.

Get Organized
Baby gear is a must-have on road trips, but everything should be stored securely for the ride. Small toys and snacks can easily become projectiles during sharp turns or sudden stops. The Britax Car Seat Caddy keeps your gear organized on the go, and the View-N-Go Backseat Organizer is perfect for holding tablets in place.

Protect Kids from the Sun
According to NHTSA, most hot car deaths happen because someone forgets a child in a car. This includes unoccupied children accidentally locking themselves in vehicles. When kids are left in a hot car, their temperature can rise three to five times more quickly than an adult’s. The best way to prevent these types of incidents at home or on vacation is to know where your little one is at all times.

Keep It Cool
We love to see those sunny day forecasts on beach vacations, but warm weather can be uncomfortable on car rides. The Britax EZ-Cling Window Shade helps keep your child shielded from sun glare, and the Car Seat Sun Shield helps keep the seat cool.

Plan on Pit Stops
Children of all ages get antsy. Plan to stop frequently for stretches and bathroom breaks. Walking around just a little bit can go a long way to prevent backseat burnout.

With a little pre-planning, family road trips can be a lot of fun. Check these tips off your list as you get ready for your next vacation.

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