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Many families will be hitting the road to visit loved ones during the holidays. But hours of riding in the car can be tiring for young children (and adults). Read some of our tips for traveling safe and keeping kids occupied while you’re on the go this holiday season.

Pit Stops

Kids generally love to travel, but they can get antsy if you don’t stop frequently for bathroom breaks and to let them stretch their legs. Walking around just a little bit can go a long way for children.

Packing Perfection

Make each child on the road trip a personal travel bag filled with their favorite things. Be sure to include snack and drinks, materials for crafts, car games, books, and more. The more creative you get, the better! This time of year is perfect for making homemade gifts to give relatives and loved ones during the holidays.

Map It Out

Children are often concerned with where they are and how much longer the trip will be. If you put together a map that highlights all the stops along the way, it will keep the kids informed about the journey ahead. Get them to cross off exits or landmarks on the map as you pass them.


Any kind of toy or game can keep kids entertained for a little while, but interactive activities are best for long trips. Consider bringing an educational game that teaches children new skills or concepts.

Start a Sing-Along

Instead of turning up the radio for hours on a long trip, teach your children some classic songs. Practice singing together, and when you have it down pat, try singing in rounds. Assign each person in the car a start time, so you’re all singing different parts of the song simultaneously. You can even learn some holiday-themed songs to get everyone into the spirit!

Wake Up Early

Traffic is often hectic during the holidays. You’ll save time and frustration by leaving at off-peak hours. Avoid getting on the road on Friday or Monday evening. Consider waiting until Saturday morning to leave or Sunday evening to get back home. Your children will be less fussy if you don’t have to sit in traffic for extra hours during your trip.

Be Prepared

Bring a first aid kit, car chargers, water, a tool kit, jumper cables, and flares. You never know when you’ll have an emergency. You want to be sure you’re prepared, especially when children are coming along for the ride. The sooner you can get back on the road, the better for everyone.

If you have your own road trip safety tips or entertainment ideas for kids, don’t forget to share them with us on Facebook! If you’re going anywhere this winter, be safe and have fun.

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