Patented ClickTight Installation

Our commitment to child safety inspired one of our proudest innovations to date - ClickTight Installation.

We knew something had to be done about the staggering number of car seats being installed incorrectly. Despite their best efforts, parents were still getting it wrong. So we developed a 3-step, self-tensioning system that makes it easy to achieve secure installation, every time.

Install with Confidence, Every Time.

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Install with Confidence

Our revolutionary system makes it easy to achieve secure installation in three simple steps. So you'll know it's right, every time.

Step 1

Quick, easy access to belt path

Step 2

Installs simply with just the vehicle seat belt

Step 3

Built-in seat belt tensioner eliminates installation struggle

How is ClickTight Different than LATCH?

Weight Limits

When using LATCH, you'll always need to consider your child's weight, plus the weight of the car seat, since the combined weight can't be more than 65lbs total. Because CLICKTIGHT uses the vehicle seat belt to achieve a safe and secure installation, you don't need to worry about weight limits.

Seat Position

You'll need to pay close attention to where you're installing the car seat in your vehicle when using LATCH. The center and third row seats might be off-limits, depending on the location of your vehicle anchors. Because you only need a seat belt to install your CLICKTIGHT car seat, you can use any seating position that meets child safety recommendations.

Ease of Use

You'll need to find your vehicle's lower anchors, attach your car seat's lower connectors to the anchors, and remove any slack from the LATCH straps to be sure it's installed correctly. Simply open the CLICKTIGHT door, thread and buckle the seat belt, and click it closed. You're always just 3 easy steps away from secure installation.

Always refer to your user manual for product instructions and warnings.

ClickTight Seats for Every Stage

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Convertible Car Seats

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