Clicktight Installation System

ClickTight Car Seats: Hip Adjustment for Extra Room

Extra room harness

Our ClickTight convertible car seats include an innovative harness system that allows you to adjust the harness positioning in two places – at the child’s hip and shoulder levels – to provide a custom fit for your child. If your child needs more room to fit comfortably within the harness.

IMPORTANT: Adjust the harness to the shortened length if a snug harness cannot be achieved with a small infant (approx. 10 lbs. and under).

Open the ClickTight Panel

1. Identify the ClickTight Key. Find the indention.

ClickTight Key Step 1

2. Place your finger on the indention and push forward.

ClickTight Step 2

3. Hold the ClickTight Key with both fingers and rotate clockwise to unlock.

ClickTight Step 3

4. Lift the front panel of the seat to reveal the belt path.

ClickTight Step 4

Any doubts? Watch our video below.

Step 2: Adjust the Harness to the Long Length

1. Disconnect the end of one harness strap from the anchor on the bottom side of the seating area.

Adjusting the Harness - Step 1

2. Unwrap the end of the harness strap from the metal bar and pull to the top of the seating area.

Adjusting the Harness Step 2

3. Hook the harness loop to the same anchor from the top of the seating area ensuring that it is secure inside the hook.

Adjusting the Harness Step 3

4. Repeat on the other side.

Adjusting the Harness Step 4

IMPORTANT: Prior to using the seat, ensure that the harness straps are securely connected to the anchors inside the hook.

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