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ClickTight Car Seats - Standard Harness Hip Adjustment

Standard harness

Our ClickTight convertible car seats include an innovative harness system that allows you to adjust the harness positioning in two places – at the child’s hip and shoulder levels – to provide a custom fit for your child. Before installing and using your ClickTight convertible, ensure that the harness is properly adjusted and secured in the standard position at the hip by following the directions below.

If your child needs more room to fit comfortably within the harness AND is 2+ years old, the harness can be adjusted to a longer length. This is ONLY an option for children 2+ years old. SEE INSTRUCTIONS

Step 1: Open the ClickTight Panel

Find the indention on the ClickTight Key
1. Identify the ClickTight Key. Find the indention.

Push forward on the indention
2. Place your finger on the indention and push forward.

Hold onto the ClickTight Key and Rotate ClockWise
3. Hold the ClickTight Key with both fingers and rotate clockwise to unlock.

Lift the front panel to reveal the belt path
4. Lift the front panel of the seat to reveal the belt path.

Any doubts? Watch our video below.

Step 2: Adjust the Harness to the Short Length

IMPORTANT: For children under 2 years old, the harness MUST be in the short length.

Disconnecting the end of one harness strap
1. Disconnect the end of one harness strap from the anchor on the bottom side of the seating area.

Threading the end of harness strap through opening on the inside of the metal bar
2. Thread the end of the harness strap through the opening on the inside of the metal bar behind the anchor to the bottom of the seating area.

Hooking the harness loop to the anchor to ensure that is secure
3. Wrap the end of the harness around to the outside of the bar and hook the harness loop to the anchor ensuring that it is secure inside the hook.

Repeating the same steps on the other side
4. Repeat on the other side.

IMPORTANT: Prior to using the seat, ensure that the harness straps are securely connected to the anchors inside the hook.

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