March 01, 2014 - Britax Aligns with “No Kids Policy” for Paparazzi Photos

Mar 01, 2014

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In an effort to end the increasing number of disturbances caused when paparazzi pursue children of celebrities, Britax announced today its support for the "No Kids Policy."

The company pledges to no longer promote photos of celebrities using Britax products if they were taken without consent. Furthermore, Britax asks paparazzi to discontinue taking any unauthorized photos involving celebrities' children and Britax products.

Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are just a few celebrity parents taking a stand against this intrusive type of photography, given their own distressing experiences with the paparazzi and their children. Last fall, their efforts contributed to the passing of Senate Bill 606 in California. The bill increases penalties for intentional harassment of children, which can be defined as taking photos of children without parental consent. Despite the legislation, paparazzi are still obtaining unauthorized photos.

Britax encourages other manufacturers – especially those that cater to children and families – to join the "No Kids Policy" and end the proliferation of these unauthorized photos.

"At Britax, our top priority has always been the safety of children," said Jon Chamberlain, president of Britax. "We support the "No Kids Policy" as we believe that all children should be able to travel safely, without parents worrying about their well being or privacy. We hope others continue to join this movement."