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Understanding the Types of Car Seats by Age & Stage

Different types of car seats in a car

As you begin your parenting journey, you’ll be faced with a world of important decisions ̶ like deciding which kind of car seat to buy. With several options available, selecting the right car seat can seem overwhelming. To help make this decision a little less complicated, we’ve outlined the various types of car seats by age and stage below. With this information on hand, you can make confident decisions now and as your child grows, helping to ensure that they travel in safety, comfort, and style from the first ride to every journey after.

Infant Car Seats: The First Journey

A baby in a rear-facing car seat.

Infant car seats are designed exclusively for rear-facing use, making them a go-to choice during the newborn stage. Many rear-facing car seats are also compatible with strollers, allowing you to create a travel system for seamless transitions between car rides and walks. Infant car seats typically include a detachable baby carrier and a base that you install in your vehicle. You can also purchase extra bases, which will allow you to use one car seat across multiple vehicles without the hassle of uninstalling and reinstalling the base. Britax offers a range of stylish and convenient rear-facing only car seats, including the Willow™ S, Willow SC, and Cypress™, that are easy to install thanks to our exclusive ClickTight® technology.

Convertible Car Seats: Grow with Your Child

Two children riding in car seats.

As your child grows, a convertible car seat will become your next ally. These versatile seats convert from rear-facing mode for infants to forward-facing mode for toddlers, accommodating your child's growth in size and development. Although they aren’t compatible with strollers, convertible car seats do offer longevity, serving your child from infancy through the preschool years. For parents who’d like to keep their children riding in a rear-facing car seat for longer, Britax offers two convertible seats, the Poplar™ and the Poplar™ S, that have extended rear-facing capacities of up to 50 lbs.

All-In-One Car Seats: A Comprehensive Solution

A baby in a car seat

Convertible car seats aren’t the only kind of car seat that offers longevity. For those seeking a one-and-done solution, all-in-one car seats are the way to go. All-in-one car seats convert from rear-facing infant seats to forward-facing toddler seats and, finally, big-kid boosters. While they don't attach to strollers, their ability to adapt through every stage of your child's development makes them an invaluable long-term investment for families and caregivers. The Britax One4Life® all-in-one car seat makes each transition easy with convenient features like ClickTight installation and a 15-position, no-rethread harness and headrest.

Harness-2-Boosters: Bridging the Gap

A Child in a forward-facing car seat.

Harness-2-booster seats offer a safe transition as your little one grows from toddler to big kid. These forward-facing seats continue to provide the security of a five-point harness system until your child is ready to move to high-back booster mode, ensuring optimal protection as they grow. Britax’s Grow With You™, Grow With You ClickTight, and Grow With You ClickTight Plus harness-2-booster seats are designed with innovative safety features, like our SafeCell® crumple zone and patented V-shaped top tether, along with quick-adjust headrest and harness systems that make it easy to customize the seat for your growing child.

Belt-Positioning Boosters: Preparing for the Next Step

A child in a booster seat

Belt-positioning boosters are designed for children who are on the cusp of using the vehicle's seat belt but need a little boost for proper belt positioning. These seats help ensure that the seat belt fits correctly over your child's shoulder and lap, promoting safety and comfort as they get closer to outgrowing car seats and booster seats altogether. The Britax Highpoint™ belt-positioning booster seat offers both convenience and comfort with features like SafeWash® fabrics and a 10-position headrest that adjusts easily with one hand.

Taking the time to understand each type of car seat empowers you to make informed decisions tailored to your family's needs and your child's growth stages. With Britax by your side, every journey becomes an opportunity to embrace the joy of parenting, confident that your child is secure, comfortable, and protected.

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